Just a place where I will put random drawings/doodles that I do. I draw deer, Adventure Time, and Homestuck mostly.

Another one for the palette challenge.

My headcanon Terezi wears flood pants.

First little bit of the art colour palette challenge thing. Sorry it took so long for me to actually get around to doing these!

I based both off of comic Bucky and comic Loki haha. Movies be damned.


psa: don’t use my art as an icon or background or w/e on your blog if you aren’t going to credit it & link back here. thanks buddies n pals

This goes for me as well. Please Ask before you use my art for anything please!

two sad little deer

I attempted to digitally paint something and it was pretty fun, might do more in the future. 

Drawin some suggestive Meenah.

Reposting myself.